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Mrs. Berkhouse serves as the school Guidance Counselor. Please contact her office for questions regarding, course placement, transcripts, and general guidance concerns.

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FAFSA - Financial Aid

NCAA Clearinghouse registration

Occupational Outlook Handbook

ODE- Ohio Department of Education

O*Net- Research Various Careers

Ohio Means Jobs- Career research, college research

Link Forward- Link to various apps to guide students 9-12 through the process of preparing for college.

Selective Service Registration- All male students MUST register with the selective service when they turn 18 years old.


The high school will begin the scheduling process for 2019-2020 in December. Recognizing that course selection is extremely important, we encourage each student and his/her parent to carefully review the scheduling information and take the time to make the necessary course selections. When selecting courses, students/parents should consider: course rigor; courses needed for college entrance; NCAA requirements; athletic eligibility; diploma with honors; valedictorian/salutatorian requirements; etc. The Academic Handbook describes each of these areas in detail and should be referenced when selecting course for next year.

National College Entrance Tests

Mathews High School will be administering the ACT for free to all Juniors on February 20, 2019.
Students are advised to take the ACT and SAT tests before their senior year. Once in the spring of their sophomore year and again in the fall and spring of their junior year. Why so often? These tests are used not only for college entrance and the CCP program but also for finanical aid.

There are many methods by which students can prepare for the ACT and SAT test. The first, of course, is to take a college prep course of study. But there are other methods of preparing. Some are in book or computer form such as the ACT, SAT study guides, test prep books, and websites (See links below). There are also some local person to person programs available. Kent State Trumbull usually offers these programs and a company in Struthers called Super Course Review also make this offer.

ACT | Test Prep | SAT | Test Prep Review | Peterson's | Number 2 | Princeton Review | ETS | Kaplan | SYVUM

College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus
General Information

College Credit Plus is a program that allows students to enroll in a college/university and earn college credits while in high school. Students may earn college credits by: taking a CCP course on their high school campus, attending courses on a college campus, or enrolling in a college online course.

The minimum requirements for entrance into the College Credit Plus program are: a cumulative 2.0 GPA and a 17 composite ACT score. Please note that certain courses will have requirements that exceed this minimum.

Mathews High School has partnered with YSU to offer CCP courses here on Mathews High School’s campus. Please note the following courses offered and eligibility requirements.

The following YSU courses will be taught on the Mathews High School campus by Mathews teachers who are approved as adjunct professors at YSU.

YSU Courses offered:

  • College Algebra (4 sem hrs) and Trigonometry ( 3 sem hrs): Total of 7 semester hours (MATH 1510 and MATH 1511) Requirements to enroll: ACT MATH score of 22.
  • Calculus 1 (4 sem hrs) Calculus 2 (4 sem hrs): Total of 8 semester hours (Math 1571 and Math 1572) Requirements to enroll: ACT math score of 22 or final grade of “C” in Col Alg/Trig.
  • Intro to Statistics (3 sem hrs): Total of 3 semester hours (Statistics 2601) Requirements to enroll: ACT math score of 22 or final grade of “C” in Col Alg/Trig.
  • Discovering World History (3 sem hrs) and Amer Dreams Intro to US Hist (3 sem hrs): Toal of 6 semester hours (History 1500 & History 1501).

The curriculum for the college courses will be followed in order to offer college credit. Students will take the college final exam at the completion of the course. Please note that these are college level courses and are taught at the college level. Courses are very rigorous. Students successfully completing the CCP courses will receive college credit. The student will have a YSU transcript reflecting the credits earned and a college GPA. The grade in the CCP course will also be reflected as the grade earned in the high school course and will be calculated in the students high school cumulative GPA. The credits earned through CCP are transferrable to all Ohio state colleges/universities. Please note that college GPA will continue if the student enrolls in YSU. If the student enrolls in a different post-secondary institution, the semester hours will transfer but the GPA will not.

The February ACT exam is the last acceptable test date for CCP qualifications. Please check the registration deadline. If you are considering CCP for the following school year, you MUST take the ACT by February and receive the required score – be reminded that you have the September, October, December and February ACT exam dates. Students interested in the CCP program are welcome to attend the informational meeting held each year. Students must notify their counselor by April 1 if they intend to participate in the CCP program for the following year.

General Requirements

Criteria for Graduation
General Requirements

Ohio CORE Graduation Requirements

  • English Language Arts 4 Units
  • Mathematics 4 Units, including one Unit of Algebra II
  • Social Studies 3 Units
  • Science: 3 Units
  • Fine Art 1 Unit
  • Health 0.5 Unit
  • Physical Education 0.5 Unit
  • Financial Management 0.5 Unit
  • Electives Electives 5 Units
Total Needed for Graduation: 21 Units

In addition to the course requirements students must earn at least 18 points on seven end-of-course state tests For each of the seven end-of-course state tests, a student earns one to five graduation points. Students have the potential to earn a total of 35 points. To meet this graduation pathway, a student must earn a minimum number of 18 points from the seven tests.

This graduation pathway gives a student flexibility in accumulating 18 points. A high score on one test can balance a low score on another test. A student must earn a total of at least four points on English tests, four points on math tests and six points on science and social studies tests.


  • Advanced 5
  • Accelerated 4
  • Proficient 3
  • Basic 2
  • Limited 1

The Seven tests include: English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, American History and American Government.

Criteria for Diploma
With Honors

An honors diploma shall be awarded to any student who meets the established requirements for graduation or the requirements of his/her I.E.P.; attains the applicable scores on the tests required by the State Board of Education to graduate; and meets any additional criteria the State Board may establish.

Commencement exercises will include only those students who have successfully completed requirements for graduation as certified by the high school principal or those students who have been deemed eligible to participate in such exercises in accordance with the terms of their IEP. No student who has completed the requirements for graduation shall be denied a diploma as a disciplinary measure. A student may be denied participation in the ceremony of graduation when personal conduct so warrants.

Student Information Release
Armed Services

The recruiters for the Armed Services have requested a list of all junior and senior students containing their addresses and phone numbers. Federal law specifies that we must submit this list to them; however, if a parent/guardian does not want his or her childÂ’s name and information submitted, then the parent/guardian must state this in writing and address it to the school at Mathews High School, 4429 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, Ohio 44473; only then will this information be withheld according to federal law. If there are any questions in regard to this matter, please call the high school at 330-394-1138. The Ohio Board of Regents provides a College Access Information Hotline. It provides information about college preparation, finacial aid, transfer concerns, and general facts about colleges and universities throughout Ohio. One of the best aspects is that you get to talk to an actual person and it's toll free. Call 1-877-428-8246, Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.