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Welcome to Kindergarten on the Web

Mrs. Bottorff and Mrs. Williams,



Our Kindergarten is a full day program that focuses on reading, writing, math, social studies, and science.


The Kindergarten Program for reading includes:

Identifying the letters of the alphabet.
Identifying initial consonant sounds.
Identifying high frequency final consonant sounds.
Recognizing own name in print.
Sequencing events in a story.
Retelling a story from a shared reading experience.
Use reading for learning and thinking.
Discuss the beginning, middle, and end of a story.
Use context clues to discover meaning.
Participate in shared reading & writing experiences.


Print the child's own first and last name.
Print letters of the alphabet - both lower and upper case.
Use inventive spelling in printing.


Believe it or not, Kindergarteners use lots of math every day. They are learning things that most of us take for granted. Although we use workbooks, most of these concepts are taught using manipulatives. This makes it fun and easy to learn. Here is a sample from each of the 8 strands.

Patterns - Using manipulatives, the child should be able to continue a pattern.

Problem Solving - Given a story situation, model a solution through role playing.

Numbers & Number Relations - Identifying numbers 1 - 20, compare numbers in a set, make a matching set.

Geometry - Name a common shape - circle, square, rectangle, triangle, diamond and oval. Name a common solid - sphere, cylinder, cube.

Algebra - Use and understand the language of logic in talking about problem situations (if, then. because).

Measurement - Compare and order objects of different lengths, weights, and capacities. Order events according to time. or first, second, third. Count pennies up to ten cents.

Estimation & Mental Computation - Given a set of ten unifix cubes, have child estimate whether another set is more/less and about how many there may be.

Data Analysis & Probability - Sort things by category. Arrange a group of objects in appropriate categories to create a floor/table graph.


Kindergarteners love science! We do a lot of hands-on, fun experiments and usually make a mess. There are four major areas that we cover.

Earth and Sky - Weather, temperature, shadows seasons, leaves and air resistance.